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The timid drummer...


Detailed Map of Drumset

Real Name: [ 寺地 心夜 ] Shinya Terachi
Stage Name: Shinya
Position in Dir en grey: Drummer
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: February 24th, 1978
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Star Sign: Pisces
Zodiac: Horse
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 93lbs
Shoe Size: 5
Likes: Music, Being alone
Dislikes: Stinky cigarettes
Favorite Cigarette: He doesn't smoke
Favorite Foods: Jelly, Raw salad and cabbage, Beef, Spaghetti
Disliked Foods: Perishables, Almost all foods
Favorite Sports: Hates sports
Favorite Music: Ayumi Hamasaki, Morning Musume, the music of Yoshiki
Prefered Instrument Brand: The Ludwig Classic Maple
Former Bands: Jinkou Tenshi, Siva, Ruby, Haijin Kurobarazoku, La:Sadie's
-Really quiet and secretive
-Most feminine in the group
-Most picked-on of the group
-Loves Animals, owning a few dogs ( his favourite being his Chihuahua Miyu )
-Constantly taking Miyu to shoots and confiding in the dog
-Announced once that when he hits 30 he will let all secrets be known to public
-Second tallest in band and not as weak as he looks ( The others say he would be the one to survive if stranded on a snowy mountaintop )
-Ticklish all over
-Has learned Kung-Fu since second grade
-Says he will not feel truly 'grown-up' until he is a father
-Has a weak spot for ice cream
Instrument: Shinya likes to stick to two main brands of drums and that is Pearl and Ludwig. Pearl is one of the most popular brands in the US and in Japan. For the past couple of years he has stuck to Pearl. The picture above is a detailed map of Shinya's newest drumset, I will use this as a reference tool for when I do the specs. At the bottom of the page I will have an actual picture of his drumset. Below is what Shinya's set consists of.
DR-503 (Drum Rack)
DR-501 (Bridge Rack)
RJ-50 (Rack Joint)
AL-18A (Rack Bar)x2
PP-176A (Steel Leg)x4
PCX-100 (Pipe Clamp)x5
P-2000C (Drum Pedal)x2
S-2000 (??)x2
H-2000 (High-Hat Stand)
HA-100 (High-Hat Attachment)
D-1000 (?)
TH-2000 (?)x2
RMA-1 (adapter)x2
CH-2000 (Cymbal Holder)x3
CH-1000 (Cymbal Holder)x6
TX-100 (Tube Extender)x6
RMS-30S (Stand)
**Starting Below, refer to the top picture.**
B. AA-18MXC-B or AAX-18C-B
G. SCA-21R
I. AAX-18C-B or AA-18MXC-B
( WARNING: I have been advised people are copying and pasting my profiles for band members into their Yahoo! Profiles. This is not Wikipedia and therefore I do not appreciate being raped for something I or my friends have worked so hard to construct. Please, if you are the aforementioned copier and paster, I would appreciate you delete anything you might have taken from your profile. Please appreciate my wishes, as I'm sure you would feel the same if I raped any information from you. Thank you so very much. )
Who is Shinya Terachi? He is timid. He is quiet. He is the baby. He is the drummer. He is the target of the other bandmates' teasings. Who did he used to play for? He used to play for Jinkou Tenshi, Siva, Ruby, Haijin Kurobarazoku and La:Sadie's.
He sees himself as a cool person ( and then he will touch his hair ). But really, Shinya is the most quiet of the group, not really liking to talk much unless he really has to. Like Toshiya and the others, he has composed the music for a few of Dir en grey's songs. This can be heard in the likes of; Yurameki, raison d'etre ( with Toshiya ), Ugly, Hotarubi, Umbrella, Toriko and Fukai.
As the youngest of the group, Shinya also serves as the target for the pranks and teasing of the two eldest members, Die and Kaoru. It could be due to his very fragile appearance or the obvious fact- as stated before -that he is the "baby" of Dir en grey. But don't let his apperance fool you. This slender drummer has quite a lot of stamina. The band members even said out of all of them he would be the one most likely to survive alone on a snowy mountaintop. He is an avid animal lover, but favors his little Chihuahua called Miyu and a little Papillon that lives with his parents in Osaka called Puppy.
Shinya wasn't always so quite and withdrawn, though, surprisingly. He was a very open and talkative, but during his years in Middle School he just suddenly became distant and closed off to others- only he knows why.
During Dir en grey's Visual Kei days, he could be known as the clich "crossdresser" ( got to love that a great deal of people use this term when talking about JRockers ), constantly wearing dresses or skirts and a light dusting of make-up that accentuated ( yes, I know..ALL of them did this, it seems ) his eyes and lips. His hair style always varied, as he is constantly trying out new ways to wear his hair, going from long to short. These days he tends to wear more boyish clothes and his hair is shoulder-length, but still has this almost feminine air about him.

Shinya's Newest Set

Information supplied by several sources.

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